Online Marketing Support

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Please review the options below for fast, convenient assistance.  Please allow adequate time for a response.  Thank you for your interest and continued business.  We appreciate you!

Training Videos

Each training video is less than 5 minutes long and designed to cover specific topics.  These are a great way to find fast answers, get to know our systems, build your confidence and capabilities, and become more efficient in leveraging our online marketing systems.

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Typical Response Times:

Sales / Billing Inquiries

Typically same business day though may be next business day.

Full Service Assisted Request

We will confirm receipt of the request on the same business day.  Please allow up to 3 business days for the request to be completed.  If the request will take longer, we’ll let you know.

Email Request

To Add / change an Email account or to update a password is typically handed on the same business day.  Email archive research may take up to 3 business days.

  • Click here to check Email system status.
  • Email not working?  Click here for webmail.
  • Need Setup Help?  Click here for the Email / Mobile Wizard & troubleshooter.


Advanced Support

We strive to resolve these requests on the same business day.  If it will take longer we’ll supply you with an update.

Emergency Support

We know the request is urgent and we endeavor to prioritize these requests.  Please note that to qualify as an emergency your website, Email, or other services are down and you believe the issue is server related.

  • Click here to check Email system status.
  • Email still not working?  Click here to verify via webmail.  If the account is active here, the issue is local to you.
  • Website not visible?  Click here to see if the website is really unavailable or if the issue is local to you.