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Our Online Marketing Infrastructure
At Greendays Group, we strive toward 100% up-time on all of our online marketing services for our clients while offering robust security and protections designed to keep our systems running around the clock.
We host and manage all of our solutions within this environment. From websites to live chat and Email marketing to newsletters – we build our services with performance and security.
Managed DNS and CDN
Because we are a full service solution provider, we manage our customer DNS records on their behalf. Our anycast DNS infrastructure is global in scale and designed to maximize throughput closest to where the request originates.

Comprised of over 23 data centers around the world, this robust system helps to protect against DDOS attacks and enhances speed.

dns cdn - Our Online Marketing Infrastructure
This system also serves as a content distribution network. While some charge extra for this service, we do not. Our CDN automatically caches your website and delivers requested content directly to visitors reducing requests by 55% and reducing bandwidth by 40%. Should your website ever see a huge spike in legitimate traffic, our infrastructure automatically scales right at the content distribution network to help handle the workload.
dns block list - Our Online Marketing Infrastructure
Edge Security
Edge security is designed to protect our infrastructure before a threat even has a chance to break through. We begin by proactively monitoring attack vector sources from around the world. We manage a list of the countries most responsible for website and Email harvesting attacks. We then filter out all IP requests that originate from those countries.
Traffic Inspection
Next we scan the traffic that is allowed to pass through the first layer. We look for fingerprints of known threats. This intelligent system keeps track of known problem sources and actively scans the inbound traffic for tell-tale signs of bad behavior. These threats are also stopped before gaining access to our infrastructure.
dns threat prevention - Our Online Marketing Infrastructure
cloud environment - Our Online Marketing Infrastructure
Our cloud-based hosting environment runs from within a dedicated system distributed across 9 datacenters using load-balanced servers. This is in keeping with our goal to provide mission-critical delivery of our customer’s websites regardless of load. Our network, co-developed with Cisco, has a 100% operational up-time.

Our datacenters are SSAE 16 and PCI Compliant and have both physical and environmental security in place to prevent interference with our premises. We also have an access control layer to ensure only approved users are granted access to appropriate systems and resources.

We also encrypt all database files on cloud-block storage helping to meet PCI standards while protecting our customer’s data within the cloud.

Server Technology
Our servers are are CentOS and Windows based meaning we run stable, reliable, high performance operating systems. Our servers are actively maintained, patched, and monitored 24/7. We perform daily, weekly, and monthly backups on our servers to encrypted data sets. Finally, all of our servers require Department of Defense grade two-factor authentication for administrative access.
centos e1368599168109 - Our Online Marketing Infrastructure
windows server 2008 R2 e1368599229851 - Our Online Marketing Infrastructure
Our services are hosted in secure data centers that meet stringent compliance guidelines.

In addition, we ensure the following:

  • Department of Defense server access protocols including multi-factor authentication protocols.
  • Secure and Compliant Forms (GLBA, HIPAA, E&O) with optional End-to-End encrypted direct Email delivery of information.
  • Real-time encryption of stored database information at the file level.
  • 7-year Compliance Archiving of Live Chat Conversations.
certify point logo - Our Online Marketing Infrastructure
pci logo - Our Online Marketing Infrastructure
ssae16 logo - Our Online Marketing Infrastructure
safe harbor logo - Our Online Marketing Infrastructure
cdsa logo - Our Online Marketing Infrastructure

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