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Why Are Local Business Marketing Strategies Still a Priority For Financial Services?


Say Positive Reviews Influenced Purchase (Source: MarketingLand)


Budgets Spent Within 50 Mile Radius of Search (Source: DMA)


Locally Targeted Searches Result in Spending (Source: TMP / comScore)


Locally Targeted Searches Have Commercial Focus (Source: Kelsey-Bizrate)

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We Help Financial Services Accomplish 3 Core Goals in Marketing:

Maximize Impact

From social media to search results, LiftDemand’s local business marketing for financial services put effort on the three most critical areas of local online marketing. Drive lead generation & client growth!:


  • Hunting (1-to-1 marketing),
  • Farming (1-to-many marketing), and
  • Gleaning (many-to-1 referral marketing).

Reduce Costs

We are budget friendly: One of our founding principles is to always offer our clients an exceptional value in internet marketing. In fact, we’ll help you keep an eye on ROI and maximizing your business resources. You’ll understand how to set benchmarks and increase results over time. By leveraging our online marketing solution you’ll bank big savings vs. paying the typical guru.

Create Results

We help you concentrate on the best marketing methods to achieve lasting business success & results through our service. You’ll have the help and tools to do “online marketing” the right way. We make certain you get the most out of our entire local internet marketing services platform. More leads? Better conversion? Faster sales? It’s all possible with LiftDemand

LiftDemand’s Local Small Business Internet Marketing Services & Capabilities

Want to drive your competitors crazy? Leverage these services to gain an unfair advantage in your local market.

Lift Demand Client Relationship Marketing - Demand Generation For Financial Services

Client Relationships & Reputation

Nurture a 5 Star local business reputation. Monitor local reviews on social media, track employee performance, head off negative reviews.
Lift Demand Google Map Optimization - Demand Generation For Financial Services

Google Maps Optimization & SEO

For a small to medium business, being seen at the top of local Google Maps & search is critical. Includes on-page SEO tech + citations via Yext, Moz, Bright Local.
Lift Demand Marketing Automation - Demand Generation For Financial Services

Inbound Marketing Automation

Boost inbound leads. Like HubSpot or Marketo but for local small business marketing campaigns. Call tracking, email marketing, voicemail marketing, social media, & more…
Lift Demand YouTube Video Marketing - Demand Generation For Financial Services

Customized YouTube Video

Positions you as a local market leader in your industry and has social media and local SEO value. Plus, it’s a long-term asset of your small business!
Lift Demand Enhanded Lead Generation - Demand Generation For Financial Services

Enhanced Lead Gen

Fully Managed campaign-specific targeted local marketing includes SMS Text Messaging, Email, and Voice to generate a ton of inbound calls, web traffic & leads.
Lift Demand Detailed Reporting - Demand Generation For Financial Services

Detailed Reporting & Analytics

Track all your local digital marketing success.  Leverage reports that monitor social media penetration, marketing automation, reviews, & more.
Lift Demand PPC Marketing - Demand Generation For Financial Services

PPC Advertising

Custom banner ads combine with the latest tracking, retargeting, & optimization tech. Coaching helps you fine-tune & expand local PPC marketing results.
Lift Demand Local Search And SEO - Demand Generation For Financial Services

Enhanced Search & Off-site SEO

Top-secret off-page SEO for small business websites. Designed for local marketing and improving positioning in more difficult to rank for search engine results.
Lift Demand Enhanced Social Media Marketing - Demand Generation For Financial Services

Enhanced Social Media Broadcasting

The social media traffic system broadcasts your brand across the web. We support it with social traffic & social signals from real people, giving you a huge advantage.
Lift Demand Customized Digital Marketing Plan - Demand Generation For Financial Services

Customized Planning

A complete strategy for local internet marketing designed to help you maximize your investment. 100% targeted to your profession & local market.
Lift Demand Monthly Strategy Sessions - Demand Generation For Financial Services

Monthly Strategy Sessions

Offers owners like you monthly group coaching with a business marketing consultant. Get answers to questions, review progress, & maintain accountability.
Lift Demand Unique Market Lock - Demand Generation For Financial Services

Market Lock Blocks Competitors

You are among the privileged. As long as you remain a client, local competitors in your zip code are blocked from joining the LiftDemand service.

Your Future is Looking Brighter...

Start connecting with more local clients that want to do business with you! Leverage the best local internet marketing strategies, internet marketing services, and coaching available. You will set your financial services company on a path to lasting local internet marketing success. Your digital marketing efforts will generate better positioning, more traffic, more calls, and more clients

Need Affordable Help Marketing a Financial Service Business?

Lift Demand Designed For Professional Independent Insurance Agency Owners 100 - Demand Generation For Financial Services

Insurance Agencies

Commissions being squeezed? Find higher value clients & rise above!
Lift Demand Designed For Professional Bookkeeper 100 - Demand Generation For Financial Services

CPA's & Bookkeepers

How are you currently maximizing ROI in your online marketing?
Lift Demand Designed For Professional CPAs And Accountants 100 - Demand Generation For Financial Services

Financial Planners, CFPs

Ready to take your practice up a notch & be positioned as the “go-to” expert?
Woman Real Estate Agent e1530776881577 - Demand Generation For Financial Services

Real Estate

What’s your specialty & are enough people seeking you to buy/sell a house?

Exclusive For You!

While you’re a client competitors in your zip code can’t join LiftDemand.
Lift Demand Designed For Professional Business Coaches And Business Consultants 100 - Demand Generation For Financial Services

Business Consultants

Are you ready to grow from solopreneur to full scale niche consultancy?
Young couple buying or renting Mortgage e1530776618467 - Demand Generation For Financial Services


Fill your calendar with opportunities. This is how!

Ready to make affordable digital marketing work for you?

Competitors Don’t Stand a Chance vs. LiftDemand’s Local Business Marketing Services…

Through our affordable tech, internet marketing techniques, & coaching you’ll create a huge shift in your company to maximize opportunities.


Build Your Practice

A 5-Star reputation creates more local authority for your company & is more attractive to prospects.

Track Client Satisfaction

Create better client experiences by proactively seeking & managing feedback.

Foster Deeper Trust

Fast response time for all feedback impresses local clients and helps make customers for life.

Increase Engagement

Targeted videos create more engagement with visitors both on your website and YouTube.

Expand Your Brand

Be seen across multiple channels to strongly state you’re open for business in your local market.

Be Self Sufficient

Learn how to take charge and control your digital marketing destiny via ongoing training.

Be Found

Better positioning in Google Maps helps local clients find you when searching for services.

Attract More Interest

To win business you have to be noticed. Leveraging our tech and training will make it so.

Win More Clients

With a stronger online presence, better processes, and automation, close more sales.

Shouldn’t your local online marketing be working as hard for your financial services business as you are to boost results?

Free Small Business Marketing Ideas

Want Your Local Small Business to Thrive & Win? Here are 5 Quick Tips
Lift Demand Thrive Win Via Internet Marketing - Demand Generation For Financial Services

Great Internet marketing can make or break your company, regardless of what your small service business offers. These quick & easy to absorb small business marketing tips offer effective local marketing strategies that work. You’ll discover how to grow your traffic, leads, & sales.

  • If you serve a local market, feature your local phone number to improve local search marketing. With the advent of “all you can eat” long distance, the need for 1-800 numbers has significantly lessened. Meanwhile, search engines like Google & Bing rely on seeing your local phone number to help establish your true locality to the region. (This is critical for local SEO.) Plus it states clearly to folks who prefer to work with “local” services that you offer the perfect service to help them with their needs.
  • Leverage video when marketing a local business. Re-cast your website content into a video. (5 minutes or less… and depending on the topic, maybe 2 or 3 videos in a series.) Place the video toward the top of your home page and place another copy on YouTube. There are affordable solutions for creating marketing video or you can hire someone to help. Either way, a small investment can go a long way to making your website more interesting. “Stickiness” is something search engines look for. The longer you can keep eyeballs on your site, the better!
  • Make your Calls-to-Action clear and concise. Be sure that someone clearly understands, within 5 seconds of landing on your website page, exactly what you want them to do. Get to the point with your strongest intent! Then let the rest of the website help convert them AFTER you’ve captured their attention. And be sure your call to action buttons stand out with consistent coloring.
  • Leveraging social networks can help boost your company within your local market. But be sure you are targeting the social networks that have value. Look for social media sites that help you prove you are a viable local entity. Also look for social networks where your current and potential clients hang out. And don’t worry so much about finding the “perfect viral message”. Simply concentrate on “being you” and let your authenticity shine in your content.
  • Create and execute a local internet marketing plan. Haphazard approaches to building out a brand’s local presence are self-defeating. You need a rock-solid handle of who you are, who your competitors are, who your perfect client is, the best ways to reach those perfect clients, and the best ways to target content to speak in a way that draws attention to your brand above others. The more time invested in laying out a solid set of local marketing tactics, the more likely you are to succeed.

By leveraging these local internet marketing tips, you’ll give your professional services firm an upper hand. Your local competition won’t know what hit them. Putting these online marketing tips to work is critical to increasing sales and success.

Which is Better? Being a Best Kept Secret or Strong Market Leader?
If you’ve already built a local company capable of generating $250,000 or more a year in revenue, you’ve clearly done some things well. You’ve moved past the startup phase and you’ve proven to yourself and others that your local service is viable and valuable.

But basic “word of mouth” selling only goes so far. Being a “best kept secret” is hardly what most companies want at the center of their growth strategy. So, can you promote your company via local digital marketing and a “find it local” strategy?

Chances are you’re wrestling with the question of what are the best b2c or b2b Internet marketing methods. Otherwise, why would you be reading this? This is a huge issue facing folks running small professional services. (Firms with under 100 employees.) Breaking through the fog and hype is difficult. Finding the best internet marketing strategies to generate the greatest ROI is daunting.

Creating an online presence to sell “stuff” is relatively easy. But selling services? How do you sell an intangible? How do you connect people with the benefits of working with your firm versus your competitors?

For most services, the market is local…

Many services can be performed almost anywhere and yet being tied to a local space offers advantages.

  • If you are a law firm, you work in a local market because you know the players… the judges and the opposing counsel.
  • If you are an Architect, you might specialize in designing local spaces because you understand the building department. You have a grasp on land-use requirements. You know what’s a good architectural fit for the area. You want to become the “go to” firm for the design services you offer.
  • And if you’re in Insurance, you’re bound by where you are licensed. You must specialize in offering local service to compete with “faceless” competitors encroaching on your market.

Regardless of the service, the same local advantages can be leveraged.

Unless you are attempting to build a national brand, your online marketing strategy will have the greatest impact by concentrating effort on the local market you serve. Think about the maximum likely driving radius people will consider in coming to you or that you’re willing to travel to meet them. Let those boundaries help you imagine what your “perfect” client looks like? Where do they live? What are their interests? Where do they go to socialize? Does your communication speak specifically to them?

Infinite reach & local business market targeting…

The Internet is a fantastic tool for connecting with potential local clients. It’s incredibly powerful for reinforcing relationships with existing clients as well. When we think about the potential to reach broad audiences, Internet marketing is unrivaled. And simultaneously sending tailored messages to targeted groups? Internet marketing for local business is super affordable when one considers relative cost.

This power applies to local business internet marketing as well. For example, search engines like Google & Bing custom tailor search results for that specific local market. Try it! Type in “malpractice attorney”. What do you see? Or how about “independent insurance agent” or “business consultant”? If you type these in without additional search parameters, the search engines will try to find results that are closest to you.

On the positive side, it means that as a local small business you have a fighting chance of being found for a given search. But to achieve that, you must have your website and other online channels tuned to reach local searchers. That includes SEO, PPC, etc. Otherwise you’ll be excluded from search engine results.

Long-term online marketing outcomes require long-term solutions…

Google says it is impossible to guarantee #1 search engine rankings. Email marketing firms like Constant Contact say it’s impossible to guarantee Email open & click rates. Yet it seems there’s always some “guru” promising amazing & instant local internet marketing results.

Chances are you may have run into these folks or worse, been burned by them. The reality? Internet Marketing isn’t magical… it’s simply hard work like all other forms of marketing. The results aren’t instant and will likely take time as you fine-tune your local marketing approach. You’ll have to refine your message and work to find the “sweet spot” that resonates with your local audience. It will take time to instill the best disciplines into your organization too. This is the best way to generate predictable annual revenue without being beholden to a singular internet marketing strategy.  It also protects you from the risk of losing sales because the search engines change their algorithm.

If you are willing to put in the time & effort you’ll create great results. Plan for it to take 12 to 18 months. There’s a learning curve if you are working to master internet marketing. But with the right help you’ll find the journey is worth it for sure. And you’ll significantly surpass your competitors and become the local market leader in the process…

What Are The Best Local Marketing Strategies?
Own or run a small professional service company that’s got under 100 employees? You’ve probably invested quite a bit of time trying to figure out how to get the best results out of your internet marketing investment.

The good news for you is that the Internet & locally targeted marketing can offer fantastic reach at a reasonable cost. And with a little bit of determination and time, most small businesses can achieve the results offered by a full service internet marketing firm without the related expense.

When handled properly, local internet marketing, Email, and PPC Advertising can create big returns over time.

Local Digital Marketing

So, what is local internet marketing and why does it matter? Briefly, the same methods that are put to work for bigger marketing efforts are leveraged locally. Special attention is paid to making certain the messaging resonates with that locally targeted market. While digital marketing can overwhelm most business owners, speaking to a local audience tends to make more sense. It also happens to make the brand more relatable to the local market in the process.

This notion of local targeting permeates all aspects of the effort. From keyword concept targeting to the visuals that get placed on a website, all elements should speak to the local market. Writing an article? Be sure it has some relevance to your market. Creating an update for Social Media? Feature your charitable activities that support local causes. Managing your local directory listings? Make it clear you specialize in that market.

Email Marketing

Would it surprise you to learn that more than 12 billion Emails a year are SPAM messages? Yet, consumers of services (both individuals and businesses) report that they wish they had MORE Email from their favorite services. These might include special offers or simply value added information designed to educate.

Most services fail miserably to have a consistent method of sending Email messages. They also fail in the content department… it boggles the mind. You must believe in the value of the information you offer and get past the notion that what you’re sending is spam.

And when you begin to leverage Email marketing, be sure to include a link within your message so that folks can easily forward your message to their friends…

PPC Advertising

While SEO is important, PPC advertising offers small companies an affordable way to reach targeted visitors. But there are some important things to consider…

  • Plan to experiment. PPC advertising can be a tough nut to crack. It requires constant testing to find a message that works.
  • Budget for fake bids. Up to 30% of traffic may not be real. It’s simply the cost of doing business.
  • Outbid your competitors. #1 ranked PPC ads tend to out-pull competitors. But remember they need to target a great landing page.
  • Have a great landing page. If you drive traffic to a website without a clear call to action, you are burning marketing dollars. Spend time to maximize the effectiveness of your website first before investing in any PPC.

The best place to begin is by building your web presence including social media accounts as well. Then branch into Email marketing after you’ve begun building great content for your website. Once you have a web presence you’re proud of, you can begin to experiment with PPC. This way you are investing your marketing dollars with a layered approach that should help you connect with your local audience over time.

When working with the right partner, these local marketing examples don’t have to break the bank for the small business owner. In fact, they should be seen as an important way to drive revenue for your small business.

One Last Bonus Tip

Make certain that all your “offline” marketing including letterhead, business cards, invoices, and phone greeting all mention your company’s website. It’s surprising how many folks skip this step.

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