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Greendays Group Reputation Demand Funnel - Digital Marketing Services

Reputation Demand Funnel

Are you struggling to consistently build, promote, and defend your 5-star reputation online?

Our team will work with you to implement a consistent reputation management system where we handle all the work. We’ll socially promote your wins and create and promote videos that demonstrate your 5-star reputation.

Greendays Group Social Demand Funnel - Digital Marketing Services

Social Demand Funnel

Do you have an effective, multi-faceted, consistent social presence?

We’ll build a social marketing program that enhances your stature, is relevant, shows a human side, and that helps establish why folks should work with you. We’ll leverage hundreds of articles we’ve written plus content from other channels. We’ll overlay advertisements so that when people visit your links to major news and information channels they’ll see your ads. We’ll capture, track, and continue selling to folks that look at your content long after they’ve moved on.

Greendays Group Content Demand Funnel - Digital Marketing Services

Content Demand Funnel

Are you deploying 100% unique and search optimized content each month?

We’ll research a topic, write an article, create custom graphics, create & promote custom video, socially promote, run press releases, and get social influencers talking about your content. All without you lifting a finger. This will build your brand authority and demonstrate to the likes of Google & Bing why they should favor you vs. your competitors in search. It also shows your local audience why they should work with you.

Greendays Group Traffic Demand Funnel - Digital Marketing Services

Traffic Demand Funnel

Are you driving unlimited traffic to your website on demand?

To fill your sales funnel you need better quality traffic coming to your site from pre-qualified visitors modeled after your “Dream Clients”. We’ll create, deploy, and refine advertising on the Internet and integrate across multiple channels to be sure your message is seen and that people respond.

Greendays Group Automation Demand Funnel - Digital Marketing Services

Automation Demand Funnel

Are you leveraging sales automation to increase cross-sell & up-sell opportunities? 

We’ll create, deploy, manage, and refine campaigns designed to help you sell more to your existing clients. We’ll also help your sales team (if you want) significantly increase their sales efficiency. We can double and triple overall sales effectiveness.

Greendays Group Sales Funnel - Digital Marketing Services

Sales Funnel

Is your website properly optimized to maximize interest and conversion? 

We’ll re-think your web presence from the perspective of the buyer’s journey. We’ll help you craft your message, reduce sales friction, and optimize your content to maximize conversion. We’ll deploy pattern interrupts, neuro linguistic programming, active social proof, and so much more to help each sales page in your site stand out and turn more visitors into opportunities.

Greendays Group Closing Funnel - Digital Marketing Services

Nurturing/Closing Funnel

Do you have a consistent and automated follow-up process to ensure you are first to respond to opportunities as they roll in?

This one element can boost results significantly. We’ll develop and deploy integrated strategies designed to leverage Text, Email, and Phone to help you connect with opportunities. We’ll incept cross-sell possibilities from the outset and help make it easy to convert prospects to clients.

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SiteforLess and LiftDemand represent years of R&D. Each is potent on its own. Combined together, they are unstoppable. The result is an opportunity generating machine for financial services that is unmatched in the digital marketing industry.

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