digital marketing plan payment options

Each digital marketing plan includes hands-on help.  



USD Per Month + Setup

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2 Assisted Support /mo

All core features and:

5 Email / live chat accounts

2,500 sends /mo

4 articles / mo

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USD Per Month + Setup

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4 Assisted Support /mo

All core features and:

10 Email / live chat accounts

5,000 sends /mo

8 Articles

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USD Per Month + Setup

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8 Assisted Support /mo

All core features and:

15 Email / live chat accounts

10,000 sends /mo

8 Articles

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Greendays Group 30-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You must be 100% satisfied with our solution. If you're not we'll fix it or give you a full refund. No strings attached. No fine print.  See the digital marketing plan Guarantee here.

Greendays Group Promise

We only work with customers that are a good fit for our digital marketing plan and we never participate in smoke & mirrors. Our digital marketing advice and our actions will always be well informed and follow best practices.

What's Included

Pro Digital Marketing Team

Your digital marketing plan is handled by smart professionals who will do as much heavy lifting for you as you'll allow.  In most cases we are 3x to 4x more time efficient since we know the systems like the back of our hands.  What may take you an hour, will typically take us about 15 minutes.  Think of what you could do with that extra time.

Direct Access

Even though we want to give you as much relief as possible, some clients prefer to handle some things on their own. You'll always have direct access to all of the systems included in your digital marketing plan just in case you want to scratch a DIY itch.

Plenty of Digital Marketing Tools

From web sites that are visually impressive to E-mail marketing that works, your digital marketing team will leverage whichever tools make the most sense for your needs. Currently available standard tools in the digital marketing plan include: Web Site, Basic SEO, Available Social Networking Integration, E-mail Marketing, Secure Forms, and Targeted Newsletters.

Better Than Bank Grade Security

We understand the need to ensure your web sites and related systems are protected. That's why Greendays Group takes security so seriously and that's why ours is inspired by Department of Defense practices.  Every technology included in your digital marketing plan is protected by this powerful security layer.

Powerful Reporting

Every system has its own reports that give you great insights on your digital marketing plan results. There's no extra cost for reporting. It's built right in and available to you in real-time.

Great Support

Responsive, convenient, accountable E-mail support is always within reach.  Phone tag is dead!  Depending on the need, pre-scheduled support calls are pre-arranged based on your schedule.

Need enhanced SEO, content marketing, or video development work?

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Frequent Questions

Am I stuck in a long-term contract?

Never. Our digital marketing plan terms are always year-to-year and you're protected by our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee from the date of your initial purchase.

If within the first 30 days of purchasing one of our products or services you are not satisfied, you may ask for a full refund.  No strings attached.  No fine print.

Check out our guarantee here.

Are there any discounts?

Yes! Customer's that pre-pay the entire year receive 12 months for the price of 10. That's nearly 17% off our standard monthly rates.

We also offer customers a loyalty discount after their 3rd year with us. Starting your third year, you'll receive a discount as follows:  

Starter:  $20/mo; $200/yr 

• Executive:  $40/mo; $400/yr 

• Elite:  $60/mo; $600/yr

What happens if I run out of time for the month?

You can always borrow time from future months. That's OK!

What happens to my unused time at the end of the year?

Time always resets at the account renewal date and time may not be carried forward past that point. 

What happens if I don't use my time in a given month?

We hope you'll always be working to leverage us in some way to help you with your digital marketing needs but everyone gets busy from time to time. You can always carry your time forward to the next month if you don't use it. However, please understand that priority is given for customer projects that are not using banked time.

If I leave the service, what can I take with me?

We don't believe in holding customers hostage. Copyrights for any custom developed content and designs remain with us for your first two years.  This is because we are absorbing your setup costs over the first two years.  You may pay a pro-rated rate for us to release the copyrights early.  At year three you may export your data from any of our systems. You may also keep any custom design work created specifically for you. Likewise, you can keep any images we've licensed for your use. Certain elements are proprietary or licensed to you only while you are a Greendays Group customer. These include standard designs, forms, plugins, and all related software used to run our environment.

How much time do I need?

The amount of time you need is for your digital marketing plan is directly related to how aggressive you will be with your direct marketing efforts and how much you want to unburden yourself from these efforts.

Generally the Starter digital marketing plan is great for one big digital marketing push each month. The Executive plan is better suited for roughly two primary digital marketing efforts. The Elite plan is perfect for roughly three different efforts. The Bespoke plan is custom constructed just for you and is perfect when you need a lot of help but don't yet have the cash-flow to hire your own team.

Typical time for sample tasks:

• Add one search engine optimized 300 to 500 word blog post to the site including basic page layout and single image sourcing / licensing... about 30 minutes.

• Structure and send one E-mail marketing campaign... about 30 minutes.

• Deploy a mobile version of the web site... about 60 to 90 minutes.

• Add, remove, change an E-mail address including testing and verification... about 10 minutes.

• Essential search engine optimization of a pre-existing page of non-optimized content to one keyword... about 30 minutes.

Do you guarantee rankings?

We always try to find the yes whenever possible but this is a definite no. Google says to run away from any digital marketing firm that promises first page results. We believe and implement a white-hat, organic digital marketing plan that takes the long view. This has the added benefit of protecting your site from changes in search engine ranking methods.

Is there work expected of me?

Yes. We take care of the heavy lifting for you but you drive the message for the digital marketing plan along with which tools are used each month on your behalf. If you need help creating a complete integrated digital marketing plan or in developing content, we have optional services to do just that.