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Marketing services once available only to corporate giants are finally made affordable to small businesses in one complete offering…




 Website: Be seen.

Social: Be approachable.

Email: Be compelling.

Interactive: Be engaging.

Search: Be discovered.


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The top online marketing services available to small businesses include:

the website should serve as the hub of all online marketing efforts

Website & Blog

Well researched and targeted content rich web sites with strong calls to action that concentrate their energies on being informative are a critical part of an online marketing strategy.

In fact, the website should serve as the hub of all small business online marketing efforts. Blogging becomes a component of the website and serves to offer content that supports the primary website content while improving search rankings. Plus, a blog offers the opportunity to be clearly seen online as an expert within the local market for a particular product or service.



At Greendays Group we offer complete managed WordPress services to address website and blog needs.   We take care of all the system maintenance and security details while delivering unprecedented hosting speed and value.  Our clients can manage their content (or have Greendays Group manage it for them) and know that they are protected, up to date, and delivering their message faster than their competitors.

Social Media

A company that has built a website presence without engaging in social media is missing one of the most dynamic online methods for building the domain authority of a website in search engines.

Engaging in social media such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms allows a small business to interact with potential clients, build the brand’s value, and increase Google and Bing’s perception of a website all in one effort. Social Media, when viewed in this light, becomes an extension of the corporate website.

Social media allows a small business to interact with potential clients, build the brand’s value, and increase search engine perception of a website all in one effort



At Greendays Group we recognize how important Social is and we’ve integrated services to help build your social footprint with ease. Our implementation of WordPress includes direct linking so that content published in WordPress is automatically connected to top-tier social platforms. We offer commenting integration with Twitter, Facebook, and others so that individuals can post comments via their favorite platforms. And we include detailed reporting so you can keep track of what you are writing and how it is performing in the social platforms.

Email marketing services are actually the second most powerful online marketing tool available to a small business

Email Marketing

While third on the list, Email marketing services are actually the second most powerful online marketing tool available to a small business, exceeded only by the power of a website.
Email marketing can be uniquely targeted to speak to a specific individual’s needs. It can serve to engage clients and convert prospects. Email can be leveraged to perform vital tasks such as communicating important information or sending a coupon. And through automation, Email can help simplify a sales process while also ensuring a disciplined approach to sales pipeline management.



Greendays Group offers easy Email marketing services that overtake Constant Contact in capabilities. With list management, social integration, and thorough tracking all the basics are covered. Add in auto responders, recurring Email campaigns, smart segments, A/B testing, Email automation, and an integrated landing page builder and it is plenty to overjoy the most sophisticated Email marketer. Plus while DIY easy, with our Full Service plans, we can manage Email campaigns for you.

Interactive Marketing Services

These online tools work together to help create a dialogue between clients and companies. They serve to enhance a web presence and open communication channels so that people can become engaged with a brand. 

From Live Chat and secure forms all the way to dynamic surveys and polls, interactive marketing services work to create intimacy and a sales presence akin to the “golden age” of one-to-one personal sales, without the negative connotations that may bring to mind.

From Live Chat and secure forms all the way to dynamic surveys and polls, interactive marketing services work to create an intimacy and sales presence akin to the “golden age” of door-to-door sales



Building your online marketing presence to be in conversation with clients and prospects is critical.  At Greendays Group we have integrated a number of systems designed to easily enhance digital marketing with the purposes of creating engagement.  While live chat can actively engage individuals, secure and complaint forms with conditional logic branching can help convert visitors.  Surveys and polls are available too.  Plus with Full Service, simply let our marketing team know what you want to create and we’ll take care of the heavy lifting for you.

Email marketing services are actually the second most powerful online marketing tool available to a small business

Search Engine Marketing

A digital marketing strategy is made complete through the thoughtful pursuit of search engines as a tactical way to bring clients to the small business.
By appropriately targeting content for search and levering specific on-page search engine optimization strategies, a small business can tap into the potential presented by search engines to fill its pipeline with well qualified prospects. Only after organic search engine strategies are exhausted should a small business then consider leveraging other advertising strategies including pay-per-click and retargeting.



Greendays Group is part of an alliance of roughly 300 SEO experts world-wide.  Our Full Service clients are given on-page search optimization out of the gate.  But we dramatically broaden the scope of our services to a myriad of off-page SEO strategies with our Concierge marketing.  By increasing the scope of the effort to include off-page strategies, a small business can ultimately monopolize their market through their website and online marketing presence. 

Where to Begin?


Most small businesses find tackling the above list of online marketing services to be a daunting task for the following reasons:


1. Each of the above small business online marketing elements are in a constant state of flux:

Website best practices change, social networks come and go, Email marketing technology capabilities expand, and search engines regularly change their rules.  Keeping up with the latest trends and techniques is time consuming.

Simplify online marketing. Let a professional handle the details.

2. There are highly paid professionals that each make a substantial living performing only one of the above tasks.

From website development through to search engine optimization highly paid experts exist for each online marketing function. But finding and hiring full-time professionals is expensive and expecting the small business staff to take on these responsibilities is practically a guarantee for failure.

Keeping payroll costs low is important. Get the power of an entire team for the price of an intern.


3. A targeted, well conceived online marketing strategy leveraging different services requires expert research.

Implementing marketing via website, social networking, Email, interactive marketing, and search engine services requires a thorough plan. It takes time and knowledge to pull the pieces together.

Research matters and your time is valuable. Leverage our expertise instead of going it alone.

4.  There’s an unwillingness to set aside necessary budget dollars to support marketing, let alone “online” marketing services.

Businesses in growth mode may need to set aside as much as 20% of income into marketing activities.  Businesses seeking to maintain “status quo” should devote 5% to 7% of income to marketing.  In either case, at least 50% of the marketing budget needs to be invested in online marketing.

Squeeze the most value out of all marketing dollars invested with a marketing services pricing plan based on performance.

 Start With a Small Commitment to “Take Action” 


As daunting as online marketing may seem, to maintain status quo is to cede ground to more savvy local competitors. Once “taking action” becomes the battle cry, the next point is to understand that you’ll likely need the help of a professional digital marketing agency like Greendays Group.


To that end, we offer complete Full Service and Concierge online marketing services that are easy to implement, readily affordable, and that come with “helping hands” to get the most out of the online marketing investment.


Greendays Group is the go-to partner for getting digital marketing done. And because we control all of our technology directly, we’re able to offer an unparalleled value in the industry allowing you to affordably out-market your competitors.

Decide to compete online or get out of the way... your competitors are closing in.


Can Greendays Group Help My Small Business?
In a word:  YES!


Most of the clients we serve are “Main Street” types of businesses.  In other words, we prefer to work with entrepreneurial businesses that are independent and able to make their own decisions.  Our clients come from a variety of industries including:

  • Accounting Practices
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Medical Practices
  • Service Oriented Firms
  • Financial Planners
  • Law Firms
  • Non-Profits

We like to put our energy into helping small businesses… under $50,000,000 in annual sales and under 100 employees.  However, that definition is a little flexible because certain industries like independent insurance agencies deal with high volume (hopefully), high sales (hopefully), but also high costs.

For example, when we add up the revenue from our clients that specialize in insurance, they sell about $1 Billion annually in policies, but their net revenue is about 15% of that figure…

Definitely contact us to see if we’re a good fit for you…



Full Service Online Marketing

With Greendays Group we’ll help you implement your marketing vision.

You get a skillful team to help manage your entire environment for you. From adding content to your site and handling essential SEO to configuring and sending an E-mail campaign, Greendays Group experts have you covered.  This is online marketing services made easy!

All inclusive Full Service online marketing complete with Mobile Aware Website, Email, Email marketing, Social, Live Chat, Newsletters, and On-page SEO


Easy and Straightforward

You needn’t worry regarding complex digital marketing software, servers, or working with a myriad of services. As a single-source online marketing solutions provider, Greendays Group handles the complexity so you can concentrate on message and expanding sales.  You drive the vision and we make it happen.

Dependable and Reliable

Greendays Group takes care of the configurations, maintenance, updates, security, and all else related to all of the digital marketing and sales tools we provide. And our data centers are monitored and staffed 24/7 to keep all of our technologies up and running smoothly.

 All Inclusive Toolset

Full Service marketing includes all the services you could possibly need to achieve online marketing success including:  website with mobile, social integration, Email and Email marketing, interactive capabilities like live chat and secure & compliant forms, and on-page search engine optimization.  Plus we include between 30 minutes to 90 minutes of time each month for our team to handle the work for you.


Concierge Online Marketing

The 100% turn-key “designed to win” online marketing program.

Concierge Marketing adds rocket boosters to the impressive array of services included in our Full Service program.  We drive the online marketing process with the singular goal of tying all efforts together to achieve improved search rankings.  To monopolize your local market, this is the plan for you!

Concierge online marketing includes whatever it takes to monopolize search engine rankings


 Research Based

We begin the effort by working to deeply understand your business, your local market, and your competitors.  We target more than 21 primary “core” concepts and add in layers of supporting concepts.  This results in a marketing plan that will help you monopolize search and drive targeted traffic to your small business.

 100% Custom Formulated Services

The formula for your success is custom developed specifically for your businesses online presence.  From a tailored website design and mobile experience through to custom written content and calls to action, we develop a comprehensive 100% unique messaging approach designed to attract and convert.


Whatever it Takes to Win

Under the Concierge Marketing Services, we unleash a barrage of digital marketing that may include advanced social integration, press release campaigns, custom video curation, YouTube channel development, article marketing, inbound link building, local oriented SEO, and so much more.  (The actual services leveraged depend on the competitiveness for the targeted keyword concept.) 

 Our Promise

We are the “One Easy Step for Online Marketing Success™” for our clients.  We serve as a value leader offering best-of-breed online marketing technology and services all made easy by helping hands.  We promise to be trustworthy advocates of best practices and to go deeper and broader than any competitor to serve our clients in a consultative capacity to help them achieve success.


Concierge Program Requirements:

  • Been in business for at least 2 years,
  • Average at least $500,000 in annual sales,
  • Maintain an average revenue of roughly $750 per year per client.  (The actual numbers vary based on industry.  Be sure to connect with us about your specific situation.)

“Our Concierge program is like hiring a full time VP of Online Marketing but for a fraction of the cost and with the benefit of an entire team working round the clock to generate results…”


-John A. Larsen, Greendays Group President & CEO


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